Boardies® & RÆBURN celebrate World Oceans Day 2021

Roughly 80% of marine pollution comes from land sources, accumulating in rivers & coastal areas before flowing into the ocean. Cleaning up pollution is a great start to the solution!

Happy World Oceans Day 2021! To celebrate, we joined forces with our friends at RÆBURN on a team litter pick close to out studios in Hackney, London. We collected 17 bags of waste in 3 hours, saved from polluting our local River Lea & its marine life. Thank you to Hackney Council for the support, lending tools & responsibly disposing of our findings.

Boardies® X Raeburn World Ocean Day - Litter Picking in Hackney

On a (typically rainy) Summers afternoon in London, it was no surprise to find mainly plastic water bottles, food wrappers, plastic carrier bags & beer cans scattered across the water banks & already in the water. We have always admired & been inspired by the local graffiti artists work, so were very surprised to be able to count on 2 hands spray can bottles and lids. There were also a number of trash cans overspilling with rubbish so rather than adding to the problem, take your waste home.

Need help from feeling like an eco-worrier to actively being an eco-warrior? We've teamed up with RÆBURN to give our 5 top tips on reducing your plastic footprint to help keep our oceans clean. Follow these simple steps everyday and you'll support keeping climate change at bay. Make sure to share with your pals!

  • Take a tote - say no to plastic bags & pack a tote in your pocket for shopping trips.
  • BYOB - bring your own bottle for water & coffee keep cup. Say no to the plastic lids.
  • Cut cutlery - say no to plastic takeaway cutlery & get yourself a reusable lunch set.
  • The last straw - Lips to glass will help our oceans last. Say no to plastic straws.
  • Get loose - buy your groceries loose & say no to plastic packaging.
Boardies® X Raeburn World Ocean Day - Bottle Raeburn Shark

"It's great to collaborate with RÆBURN, a like-minded local brand with shared values. We at Boardies® are constantly striving to improve our environmental credentials & reduce our impact on the planet, by working with innovative sustainable fabrics & materials. This year for World Oceans Day, we decided to do a litter pick close to where we live & work. Although there were no sharks or squid in Central London, we hope to have made a small, positive impact on our local marine life!" - Nick Crook, Boardies® Founder

Boardies® X Raeburn World Ocean Day

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