Boardies® talks with UK artist Lois O'hara

Boardies® is very happy to unveil a new collaboration with our friend and upcoming UK artist Lois O'Hara.  

Lois O'Hara is an artist and designer from the UK coastal town of Brighton. Known for her vibrant murals, printmaking and paintings. Boardies® first became aware of Lois’ work after she painted the UK's first giant Basketball Art Court followed by her vivid planters close to our East London home in Shoreditch.

There is a consistent thread running through her work. "I'm interested in capturing the fluidity of an image in motion," says Lois, and it's this sense of fluidity, combined with her bold colour combinations that makes her work so recognisable and a perfect match in working with Boardies®.

Boardies® caught up with Lois this summer with this quick Q & A below:


1.  First things first, let's talk about colour. A large part of your artwork consists of the idea of the positive effects that colour can have on oneself. What drove you to explore this concept and what impact do you think this has had on the community in Brighton?
I love to use colour as it can have powerful effects on other people in terms of inspiring a positive mind and healthy wellbeing. Using colour came quite naturally to me as I am a really positive, determined person and I want other people to feel inspired when they look at my work.
Boardies® Talks with UK Artist Lois O'Hara - Waves Mid Shorts

2. Your work has a definite energy to it, with the prints looking like they are in constant motion. How do you achieve this aesthetic and what is the purpose?
It all started with a love for surfing. I was never that good at the sport but I enjoyed it and I loved the feeling of the waves crashing over me. Inspired by the movement of the sea, this then developed into an obsession of experimenting with ink. I also like to experiment with time-stopping and like to capture flow in my work. I feel as though our flow through life is often disrupted or disjointed and I want to put others back into a state of flow. I don’t like to use tape or straight lines in my work as that’s too easy ;)

3. What drew you to collaborating with Boardies® and what’s the beach scene like in Brighton?
Boardies® saw one of my colourful basketball court renovations that I had created and asked me to design some shorts. I was over the moon as it felt like a very natural link up. It seems as though both of our brands have similar interests and passions which are a love for the sea, sun and paradise! I used to surf in Brighton now and then but the beach scene in Brighton is very hectic! Mainly good for drinking!
Boardies® Talks with UK Artist Lois O'Hara

4. You’ve gone from painting murals, buses, stages and buildings to the UK’s first ever giant Basketball Art Court. How did that come about and do you have anymore large scale projects coming up?
I have a very determined attitude and I believe in the law of attraction. I enjoy reaching out to people and building my portfolio. I am currently working with Habitat on a special project which celebrates Pride. Maybe more people will reach out to me in the future but right now I’m still hustling my way through life

5. The collaboration shorts we did together have finally launched. What do you think of them?
It’s all so exciting! I love them. They are amazing quality and the colours are really popping. Wavey baby!
Boardies® X Lois O'Hara Spots Mid Shorts
Boardies® X Lois O'Hara Waves Mid Shorts

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