Boardies® talks with London Fashion Designer Liam Hodges

Introducing the Boardies® x Liam Hodges collaboration, available for SS20.

The two London based fashion design houses have joined forces to create this four-piece capsule collection of swim shorts and lounge pants. The Premium swimwear is made from 100% recycled water bottles and the pants are 100% cotton. The mixed, deconstructed Liam Hodges prints disrupt their aesthetic illusion and reminds one of the design process.

Following Hodges' Spring Summer 2020 runway show for London Fashion Week Men's, we have caught up with him below...

Boardies® x Liam Hodges Light Stripe Swim Shorts

1. How did the collaboration come into play?
We started playing around with upcycling and moving the brand towards a more sustainable practice so when we found Boardies® it was clear that our values aligned... we'd also never made swimwear before so it was exciting to play around with a new product category.

Boardies® x Liam Hodges Dark Stripe Pants

2. What was the inspiration behind the collaborative designs/prints?
The collection is all about alternate dimensions, projecting them and moving between, falling down a wormhole of alternative futures. To present that was made 4 different prints for the shorts and split them through a 5th block stripe pattern. There's a lightening print, abstract paint, pixelated diagonal stripe and a wormhole vertical stripe.

Boardies® x Liam Hodges Dark Stripe Swim Shorts

3. What is your favourite piece from the collection and why?
I'm a big fan of the trousers, a nice summer weight printed cotton, casual pant. It's not really something we've done before as we usually gravitate towards heavier workwear fabrics, so it was nice to create something new.

Boardies® x Liam Hodges Light Stripe Pant

4. What is the best piece of advice you've ever received? What is the worst?
Best piece of advice is to be honest, true to yourself and follow your instincts. Sometimes you get caught up doing what you think you are 'supposed to do' rather than what you want/need/believe.
Worst piece of advice is probably any advice I've taken without considering it. Advice is there to take or leave, understand and make you think, not to blindly follow. 

Boardies® x Liam Hodges Dark Stripe Swim Shorts

5. Where is your favourite place to holiday?
Two places I try to visit most frequently are Tokyo, Japan and Alicante, Spain. They're my fave places as I have family there so I get to see all different sides of the area rather than just the tourist spots.

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