Boardies® talks with Paris artist, Bebar.

For 2021, Boardies® has collaborated with the super talented French artist Bebar on some awesome swimwear and clothing pieces, featuring Cuban inspired print designs commissioned by our friends at Havana Club rum.  We caught up with Bebar with a quick Q&A to share some insights into his artistic inspirations. 

Bebar - Boardies® Talks with Paris Artist, Bebar

How much does travel influence your art?

It totally influences it. The meetings with locals, the talks, the new landscapes, the culture, smells and colors : everything which put me out of my box of comfort (knowledge) will be inspiring for my eyes and my soul.

Bebar Art - Boardies® Talks with Paris Artist, Bebar

You recently collaborated with our friends at Havana Club, did you manage to visit Cuba? If so, what were the highlights of the trip?

Of course, first of all it was one of my favourite trip ever.
You have to learn a lot about the history of Cuba to understand it nowadays.
My first thought was "this city is blocked in the past", architecture, cars, colors, paintings everything was reminding me of other times.
More than a cultural travel this was like a time travel for me, people are modest and more altruistic than any city person.
You see a lot of needs, it's true, but you can feel the people less perverted by the society of consumption or the personality cult : less ego centred.

Cuban people are creative people, they never stop creating and looking forward. They may not be able to catch the internet everywhere but they are really aware of what is going on outside their country.
Their culture is unique and already meeting the new generations of CONTEMPORARY URBAN ART.
Being around with local painters like MR.MYL and 2+2=5 was a privilege for me to have these two legends of La Habanna and guides of the city.

Bebar and Havana Club Collaboration - Boardies® Talks with Paris Artist, Bebar


Are there any UK artists that you admire or follow?

For sure Ainy Naim for example is a super talented Female Designer, she created her brand ANZSTYLE based on Knitwear.

I'm also a huge fan of Charles Spencer aka Charlie Chaplin, his life, his masterpieces ... I discovered him when I was super young on video tapes. He never left my head.

Boardies® X Bebar Mid Swim Shorts

Boardies® x Bebar Mid Length Swim Shorts

Where is your favourite place in France for vacation and why?

I think my favourite place for holidays in France will be South coast of France : Marseille for example is great. Sunbathe and painting on walls is my routine in Marseille.

Boardies® x Bebar Mid Length Swim Shorts

The Boardies® x Bebar collaboration campaign was photographed in Marseille, France by French photographer Cyril Saulnier & Model Ziyad Thupsee.

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