Boardies® talks to Habibi, American Rock band from Brooklyn, New York.

Boardies® was first introduced to Habibi at a beach party in Bali earlier this year, via our friends @indosole, who were helping to put on Bali's new creative festival "OH SO SLOW" with @The.Slow .  We had just shot the new Boardies® campaign in Gilis T when we heard the punchy vibes of Habibi song "I got the moves" and knew its would be perfect for Boardies®. 
Boardies® Talks to Habibi, American Rock Band from Brooklyn, New York
We recently caught up with the band with this quick Q&A to share more about them: 
1) Tell us about Habibi, how would you describe your music?

Lenny Lynch (guitar): French pop vox and Detroit girl-group harmonies with middle eastern undertones and a lot of surfy fun! And catchy enough to be in your head for days

2) The band come from different places, how have these different origins influenced the music?

Lenny: Rahill came from Iran to Detroit and I’m from Detroit which has a huge middle eastern population and those influences have a lot to do with our sound. Rah’s grandfather was a poet from Shiraz and she definitely draws inspiration from him. Also coming from Detroit, it is such a music town and you’re surrounded by the culture of rock and roll and soul everywhere you go.  Even though we both haven’t lived there for a long while, that sticks with you. Karen (drums) is from San Juan and then moved to Queens and she definitely brings that Latin NY soul vibe to the table.
Boardies® Talks to Habibi, American Rock Band from Brooklyn, New York
3)  Habibi launched your debut LP with legendary Burger Records. How was that process?

We love Burger and Sean and Lee will always be our bros and buds! Erin (bass player on original album) had a friendship with them before from a previous band that she had been in and when they heard the recordings, they were excited and one thing led to another and our album came out! they’ve always been encouraging ever since.

4). We saw Habibi in Bali, playing a Beach Party gig supporting Allah-Las Bali earlier this year.  How did you like Bali, did you get some downtime?

I dunno about the rest of the girls, but that was my favorite place ever to go play a show and even though I had “Bali belly” that day (ha) playing on the beach as the sun went down was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I can’t wait to go back. We had five days there and it was heaven and nasi goreng!
Boardies® Talks to Habibi, American Rock Band from Brooklyn, New York - Poster

5) What are the band working on right now?  Do you plan to tour more internationally?

We have been recording our new album at the XL Recordings studios and we’re so close to being done! Very excited to present to the world. And yes yes yes, we can’t wait to play the world round, especially Australia maybe next year!!
Boardies® Talks to Habibi, American Rock Band from Brooklyn, New York
Check out "I got the moves" in new Boardies® campaign:

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